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TapSnap at Your Event

  • TapSnap Checks All the Boxes

    Take your event from “Meh” to “Wow” with TapSnap! Book TapSnap today to have an awesome event.

  • TapSnap: Keep Smiling!

    Do you know what is the best part of our photo booth? It’s You!

  • Get That WOW Factor with TapSnap!

    Looking for that extra fun for your party? Get it with TapSnap! We’ve got you covered.

  • Why Should You Book Your Events with TapSnap?

    TapSnap is the industry leader in photo entertainment and the guaranteed best option to consider to have a great event. Learn why you should definitely book with us!

  • Generate Excitement for Your Brand w/TapSnap

    You're hosting an event, everyone is having a good time, and your brand is in the spotlight - excellent! So how do you turn the party energy into far-reaching success? The key is to tap into your guests' social networks - their combined reach is huge! How do you tap into this potential, you ask? Meet TapSnap! It's the social media, marketing, and photo activation platform that will generate excitement and awareness for your brand during and after your event.

  • TapSnap Creates Brand Experiences

    TapSnap specializes in creating unique experiences for all sorts of clients. Find out what goes on behind the curtains for your event to be a one of a kind experience.

  • Golf is Better with TapSnap

    With TapSnap at your golf tournament, you can make magic happen. Players have tons of fun and you can use it as a marketing tool to promote the event in social media before, during, and after the event. It is the perfect tool to reach your goals, accomplish your objectives, and provide everyone with entertainment and long lasting memories!

  • TapSnap is Perfect for Your Wedding

    TapSnap is the best solution for having a fun wedding! Years of experience have resulted in the highest quality service and a photo booth experience designed to make your wedding one of a kind. What are you waiting for?

  • Rachel & Tom's Wedding Day with TapSnap!

    It’s Rachel and Tom’s big day! They’re celebrating their nuptials in style, and are capturing all the fun with TapSnap while they’re at it. See why you should invite us to your wedding too!

  • Wedding Planner Nicki Cloud’s Testimonial

    Wedding planner Nicki Cloud recently sat down with us to discuss her thoughts about TapSnap. Here's what she had to say.

  • TapSnap: The Next Generation Photo Booth

    Not your standard photo booth – TapSnap is the next generation in event entertainment. Use our interactive touch screen, play around with props, even share your pics instantly on social media, the only limits are your own creativity. Tap. Snap. Share. It really is that easy.

  • Start a Movement on Social Media w/TapSnap

    The unexpected things we provide our clients such as social media marketing, our amazing Phototainment Specialist, and the overall guest experience leaves a lasting impression in everyone's mind and keeps them talking. Upload to social media in real time at your event and get your movement started.

  • TapSnap’s Interactive & Engaging Green Screens

    The best green screens are the ones you can interact and engage with. Let us customize green screens for your next event, transport your guests to faraway places, create a digital step and repeat for the red carpet look, or use one of our stock images and run away from a T-Rex. With TapSnap’s green screens the creativity is endless and so are the possibilities.

  • TapSnap Sharing Station

    Check out our Sharing Station, designed to help keep long lines moving at larger events. It connects guests directly with Twitter, Facebook, email, and text to make sharing their photos a breeze. The Sharing Station amplifies the social media reach of your event by encouraging guests to share even more. They’ll have a great time scrolling through your branded photos to find their own, which they can share again and again at any point during your event.

  • TapSnap's SnapCast Social Media Wall

    Check out SnapCast, a social media-integrated slideshow that broadcasts photos and tweets on screens around your event venue! Engage your guests and get your brand some social media buzz with SnapCast.

Behind the Scenes

  • Behind the Scenes: Juice Plus+ @ Anaheim Convention Center

    Go behind the scenes with Garrick and find out how versatile TapSnap can be. Not only do your guests have tons of fun, but having TapSnap at your event can drastically increase your marketing potential through social media reach.

  • Behind the Scenes: Skechers @ Los Angeles Marathon

    We visited Los Angeles to catch up with Alex as he worked the LA Marathon for a recurring client: Skechers. He knows how to tackle a complex event with over 14,000 visitors and keep everyone happy.

  • Behind the Scenes: Vancouver Brand Activation

    Take a sneak peek behind the curtain with Claire and see how TapSnap deals with large scale events and meeting a client's expectations in a multi kiosk event.

  • TapSnap Featured at LAB ART in Los Angeles

    LAB ART is the largest art gallery in the nation dedicated to street art. The unprecedented line-up includes some of the most renowned urban artists in the world including: Alec Monopoly, Kai Aspire, Thank You X, Mar, and Dog Byte, among many other talents. They invited TapSnap to take part in one of their shows. See the guests' reaction to TapSnap.

TapSnap on TV

  • TapSnap DC on Fox5 News

    TapSnap DC was highlighted on Fox5 News spreading good cheer (and fantastic photos) at Reagan National Airport during the holidays!

  • Kaley Cuoco Playing Around with TapSnap

    Watch Kaley Cuoco, star of The Big Bang Theory, having a blast with TapSnap at the hit show's holiday party. Check out TapSnap for your next event and see first-hand why Kaley is such a big fan of our fun and interactive photo booth.

  • TapSnap on Total Divas

    TapSnap was invited to capture the laughs, smiles, and duck faces at Rosa’s baby shower! Watch all the fun (and the drama) in this quick clip from Total Divas.

  • Dr. Phil Having Fun with TapSnap

    Dr. Phil and his audience enjoy TapSnap, the open-air photo booth. Interested in booking TapSnap for your event? Give us a call at 240-444-7017!

  • TapSnap with "The Doctors"

    “The Doctors” have a great time with a state-of-the-art TapSnap photo booth during a live taping!

Holidays w/TapSnap

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